Friday, May 25, 2012

I may need your gifts...and that's okay

First of all, I want to give a shout out to my daughter Kara, for making this awesome blog design for me!   She is studying Advertising at Iowa State University and has been creating icons and other design-y things on the internet since she was about twelve. (and is now almost a wonderful nineteen years...where did that time go?) I mentioned the other day that I just couldn't find a design template I liked. She said, "I can probably do that for you." (ahh, the sweetness!)

I am passionate about birds of all kinds .I am also passionate about "vintage" and antiques and junking. All I said is that I wanted a vintage-y looking bird design.

She sat down and created this wonderful design in about 45 minutes. I probably could have pulled it about a week. Maybe. Driving her nuts with all my questions.

I am so grateful for her gifts and that she shared them with me. I am learning more and more how to appreciate my own gifts and talents, but also, that it is okay that I need help for some things. I can't do it all. And, someone else may be able to do a certain thing for me so much better than I could do it myself.  

I'm learning to recognize that God surrounds me with the people that can help me to fulfill the calling He has placed on me. 

--the friend on the other end of the phone when I need prayer
--the husband who goes to work daily to provide for our family
--the counselor who's given me so many words of healing and belief in myself
--the daughter who created this blog design

Even down to the high school guy who bags my groceries and says, "Have a nice day."

What are your gifts and talents? How can you use them to help someone today? 
Are you okay with needing someone else's gifts? They might need you to need them!

P.S. Later, after I get permission, I'll share the sites that Kara has designed for herself. She's so talented!
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