Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It might not be what you thought

I was once absolutely SURE of what my God sized dream was! I would have put money on it. I was banking on it! 

Why, I don't know. Who can figure out God?
And, I cannot predict the future.

Three years ago I was busy, busy busy applying for a specific grad school out in Washington. Through a series of serendipitous events, I was sure that this specific school, this exact vocation was what God was leading me to do. 

I was wrong. And, then I fell kind of hard when it didn't happen.

Putting all my eggs in the "this is what God has told me to do" basket was a real let down when I found out I was carrying the wrong basket of eggs.

But, in hindsight (isn't it always 20/20?) I"ve been learning a few things. Here are six things I've learned about having a God-sized dream.

1.  Dreaming is one thing, but it might not turn out the way you thought it would.

I've had a long time dream to be a Counselor. The program I wanted to attend is for Counseling Psychology. Through events with my husband getting a much wanted change in his current job, and not finding a job in Washington, we decided to stay in Iowa. This meant, no school in Washington for me, and none for the foreseeable future either.

What could I do? First of all, I grieved the loss of that dream. It took awhile. That step is very important. It was truly a loss for me. 

Then, I began to be open to what God might want to do for and through me whilst staying in little ole' Iowa. Through my sister-in-law, I found out about Emotional Polarity Technique practitioner training in Indiana. After praying, I decided, this was something I could get excited about ( 

It wasn't exactly the dream I had for going to Washington to grad school, but it was in line with my dream. I want to help people heal emotionally. This is one way, a holistic-health-way, of helping people let go of unhealthy emotions. A win.

2. Having faith and being flexible are not mutually exclusive.

If it makes sense, it seems like I had more faith in my faith, than in what God wanted to do. As I said before, Who can figure out God? The good thing is, He does like to surprise His children. And, He loves us unconditionally. I can trust Him in that. And, I learned I needed to be flexible and filled with faith at the same time. That may seem unclear.

3. Have a dream, but keep it in open hands, not closed fists.

I wrote a post about this during the thick of my waiting. Better to keep a loose hold on things and people. This includes dreams.

4. Asking God what His dream is for you is a good idea! Then, listen.

This is a step I don't remember blatantly doing. I did a lot of praying. But, a lot of the praying was, "God, open the doors for me to do this thing."

5. Be willing to sit with ambiguity.

For two years, we looked for a job for my husband where the school was. We waited. It was hard. We had to live with not knowing what we were doing for a long time. I think that most of my growth happened during this hard waiting time. Don't despise waiting.

6. Your God-sized dream may not end up to be what you thought it would, but it will probably be better.

Sometimes I ask myself if I think that what I'm doing now is better than what I really wanted a couple of years ago. And, I have to say that yes, even though I'd love to go to grad school some day (and that is not out of the question), I know that where I'm at is right where God wants me. Right now.

I'm living the dream. I'm not waiting for it to happen someday. I'm living it right now.

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If you have a God-sized Dream, or are waiting on one, I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

Blessings to you!


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Friday, January 23, 2015

What are words?

What are words, but to share what is in our hearts. There have been many many times in my past that my words got stuck in my throat. Then, there are many other times when I wish they would have gotten stuck in my throat because they came out all wrong.

Have you ever wished you could take back your words?

I have. It’s a very bad feeling when the wrong words come out. Especially if they’ve hurt someone. It’s a bad feeling to be misunderstood. Wishing that the right words would have been spoken rather than the ones that just slipped out without you knowing how it happened.

Starting a blog was an intentional way for me to choose the words I would say and then say them. Maybe subconsciously, it’s been a way for me to rewrite some of those words that I spoke early on in my life that I wish were left unspoken.

Writing is a way to say the good. 

To encourage. 

To give hope and love to a world where it can seem pretty sparse sometimes.

I can choose what I put on here. And, that feels pretty good. It feels good to choose the good to share.

Today, I want to share with you just three simple truths. These truths are life changing if you will let them sink deep down in your soul. 


You are loved.

You are worthy.

You are enough.

Think on those good words today, friend, and find hope and encouragement in a world where it seems pretty sparse sometimes.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Sending good words

I am probably one of the most well-intentioned card senders you’ll ever meet. For the past two years I didn’t send out Christmas cards. I let myself off the hook, but it was hard because I really had it in my heart to send out well-wishes to my loved ones.

I’ve been meaning to send a thank you to someone in my life for over a year. My intentions are very, very good. But, intentions don’t have a pen and paper, do they? Intentions don’t drive the letter to the mailbox and get it sent after the stamp is in place, do they?

What about if we’re not even talking about the written word that we send? What about our thoughts? My thoughts?

What kinds of thoughts am I sending to myself and others every day?

Are they thoughts of kindness, loyalty and love? Or are my thoughts ones of harsh judgement and criticism?

I catch myself often going through the Rolodex of my mind and stopping on a judgmental thought. Thank heavens, I’m starting to see when I stop on one of those damaging thoughts, and going back. 

I go back and re-say the thing that I had said wrong in my mind. I say something like, 

“I send loving thoughts toward _____________. 

They are worthy of love.”

Just this last week, I took an ugly fall in a mall store. I was there to return some pajamas and buy some new ones. As I turned away from the cashier, I slipped on an invisible wet spot from melting snow and went down very hard. Hard enough to stun and hurt me.

What were my words to myself that day, and the following week?

I tried very carefully to make them compassionate words and not words that would leave not only my body feeling very sore, but my spirit, too.


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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Welcoming gifts

The blue jay came to visit on my huge pine tree this morning. He sat on a branch that had a bit of snow on it. He pecked at the snow as if to get some of the moisture it held, even though powdery. 

He hopped to a different branch within my sight and I silently gave thanks that he didn’t fly away yet.

Not yet. 

I saw his visit as a heavenly gift. Just for me. Who else would be watching this close to my uncovered window? No one.

In another instant, he flew away. Probably to go find some seed somewhere, (because I’ve been too much of a pansy in this cold weather to go and hang the suet ball I bought before Christmas.)

But, he came to visit my tree anyway and to take a drink of the cold snow.


Was it grace that brought him here?

Was It just a coincidence?

I don’t believe in them.

Coincidences, I mean.

I welcome those serendipitous moments that freeze in time like a photograph in my mind.

I choose to see those happenings as a divine intervention in my day to bring me joy.

I don’t deserve them.
They are given free, at just the moment I need them.

Maybe it is a moment I least expect, but extravagant kindness is shown from a benevolent Creator.

I’ll be looking for Mr. Blue Jay to visit again soon.

But, in the meantime, I will welcome gifts of grace wherever I find them.

Won’t you?

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I welcome YOU here, friend! Come for a short visit, or stay awhile! Blessings to you!
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