Saturday, May 14, 2016

a friendship beyond words

I've never felt I was good at dialogue, but in this post I tried it. Not perfect by any means, but a conversation with a new friend stuck with me this week. 

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Setting the timer for five minutes.

Elaheh, my new Iranian friend was at ESL group again Thursday night. She missed last week because she was so busy with work. Her English is very broken, but she's growing and learning. 

She had emailed me that she was sick. When I checked in Thursday night with her, she assured me she wasn't sick, just busy. 

Oh, the intricacies of language. Work and sick don't sound the same, but I think she got them mixed up. 

She invited me over to her house this next week for lunch. I said I would bring my own lunch this time (because I am gluten free). There were awkward silences and stares. I think she didn't understand "bring my own lunch." With a few more tries and hand gestures, I think she got it.

After group I asked her about her work. 
She said, "work is my habit."

Confused, I said, "habit? Not sure I understand. Is your work something you do because you have to? Not because you want to?

"No", She said. "A habit, like smoking or something."

I smiled. "okay." I said.

She then said "I don't think about my family in Iran as much."

"oh", I said. "Going to work helps you not to miss them so much."


Understood, my new friend. Understood.


Thanks for joining me today!
Blessings to you,


Friday, May 6, 2016

What I learned in April

So, for the past few months, I've either been delinquent here, or not shown up at all for the What I Learned post. Oh, I know it doesn't really matter if I write these silly or not so silly things I learned in April. But, I really WANT to, so here goes. Even though it is already a fourth of the way into May.

Things I learned in April.

1.  I've realized that I've done a "180" with mugs in my cupboard. I remember not too long ago, I bemoaned the fact that none of my mugs matched and I had a cupboard full of unmatched mugs. 

Yorkshire Fog tea in York, England

Funny. Now, I seem to be collecting ones that I love. See, I am addicted to tea, whether in tea cups and saucers or in mugs. I bought two mugs in England. A Kath Kidston mug which is floral and I adore, and a London mug with little red busses and Buckinham Palace guards on it.  I even have a thrifted mug with cowboy boots. I've become a mug-aholic.

2.  I've declared that I love immigration movies. Hubby was on a trip to Europe in April and I rented Brooklyn on redbox. Loved, loved it! I wonder if my fascination with immigrant movies has to do with the fact that my dad immigrated from Sweden when he was 16. Yes, most likely.

3.  A hair straightener does more than straighten hair. At my April hair appt. I told my stylist I'd really like a perm, like soon. She said they didn't offer them, but she said I could get more texture in my very straight hair using a straightener to put some "bend" in, and maybe even get some curl. 

What? I went out right away and bought a low expense straightener from Target and wallah, I had textured and slightly curly hair. Took ten minutes and I'm hooked.

4.  I also watched Room while hubby was in Germany. It was intense, but great great acting. I realized only after watching, that Brie Larson, the main character won best actress for her role. SO WELL DESERVED!

5.  Typing the word "cross" in my phone makes an actual cross icon show up. I had no idea.

Well, folks, I know I learned a ton more, but I'll share more in the May post, because, you know. I just keep learning stuff! Isn't that the beauty?

Blessings to you,

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