Monday, June 24, 2013

The paradox

Is all of life a letting go and a reaching forward?

What a paradox!

Letting go of the past to reach for the future
Letting go of pain to reach for healing
Letting go of sadness to reach for joy
Letting go of what is to reach to what is next.

Pressing up toward God.
Pressing in to my purpose.

This is my prayer.


no earthly explanation


my heart is utterly full

yet weeping.

how can this be?

many are your thoughts toward me
many are your benefits for me
many are your gifts to me.

why would you even think of me?
why would you love me?

you have made me a little lower than the angels.
mind boggling, but true.

many days, with no seeming reason to sing,
I have a song in my heart
from you.

many times, in the quietness of my house,
but in the swirling busyness of my mind,
and the sheer laziness of my will,
there is peace.

your peace.

there is no earthly explanation.
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