Friday, February 1, 2013

God's hand is on the combination

One thing I have often done in times that I'm waiting on God to do something (for a dream I have) is to pray "Lord, pour out your wisdom on me." He answers this prayer. Sometimes quietly, where I hardly notice anything right away. Sometimes it seems tangible. It seemed so yesterday.

What followed that prayer are words and a picture in my mind of God holding a padlock in His large hands. A combination lock with a numbered dial. His hand is on the dial and he is turning it to get to the exact combination for my dream. I loved the word picture and the paragraphs that came to me. I hope it encourages you whatever stage you are in waiting for your God sized dream to be realized. It sure encouraged me.


All things are fitting together for good because you love God and you are called according to his purposes. His purposes will stand. No human being or eternal being can thwart God's good plan for your life. Nothing can stand before God's plan. Nothing. When the timing is right, all will be revealed. All will fall into place. 

Like when you turn a combination lock to the right numbers. Once you have the combination, the lock falls simply in place, into the grooves made to fit that particular combination. It bothers you that you cannot see inside the padlock to see how it all fits together. That's because you are human. I(God) made the padlock, so I know its complete inner workings and I am also the owner of it. I have my hand on the dial. I am moving that dial between numbers. 

Don't despair. My hand is there.

My hand. My timing. 

You have already seen many things that have been fitted into their proper place on the timeline. Things that have needed to take place before I open the door. Before the combination lock fits into place. Trust me with this. I know all things. I prepare all things and all people for my work. I have been preparing you and all those who love you.

This will not be one minute late. This will all happen right on schedule--on my timetable. Trust my timing. It is perfect. Perfect for you, your family and all circumstances surrounding this dream of yours. I have all things in my hands and under my control.

Faith and trust are what is required of you. If you could see into the future, you wouldn't need faith. Faith pleases me. Keep believing in me.

All of your needs are met. All of them. I will continue to meet them all. I continue to fulfill all of your dreams, desires, wants, passions--according to my will and plan. I delight to provide all that you need.

These words encouraged me so much! God has his hand on the dial! Blessings to you!

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