Friday, July 5, 2013

All things beautiful

Today is Five Minute Friday. The prompt is 'beautiful'. The idea is to write for five minutes straight, unedited. Just raw words. Here is what I wrote today. Head over to Lisa's blog to join in or read some others! Thanks for stopping by.

He makes all things beautiful in His time.

Is that the saying? 

Do you believe that? 

Life is hard and often times it doesn't seem beautiful at all. 

Voices raised, money is short. 

Relationships strain under under communicated feelings and over reactions. 

Clouds get gray and the sun seems distant. 

Yet, He promises to always be near me. To never ever forsake me. 

He promises that underneath me are his everlasting arms holding me close.

I have to daily remind myself of these things because I so easily forget. 

I am SO easily distracted! So quick to believe the enemy’s lie…

that my God has vanished and doesn’t care.

That He’s surely too busy to listen to my constant repetition. My daily cry for help.

As I speak words of truth out loud about who I am and about Whose I am

I can find joy.

Even in the midst of pain. 

The words need to be heard by my own ears though, so I can 



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