Friday, January 3, 2014

Giving up the fight

I'm linking up with other lovely writers at Lisa Jo Baker's blog for Five Minute Friday. We are to write for five minutes straight, no edits. Just pure writing. Today's prompt is fight. Stop by Lisa's blog to see what others are writing!


I’m giving up the fight.

I really am. 

I’m giving up the fight to be perfect. 
To be acceptable to everyone, in fact loved by all. 
I’m giving up on being someone I was never meant to be and doing things that I’m not cut out for.

I’m done fighting all alone the emotions that sometimes threaten to overtake my soul.

I’m done believing the lies the enemy hands out to me on a silver platter and says, 

“Here, have some of this that will make you whole.”

I’m done trying to fight the enemy alone.

I cannot. 

But, I forget. 

I forget that the all powerful one who came to this earth is right beside me. 
He promises to fight my battles. 

So, I’m giving up the fight.

I’m giving up the right to fight.

To fight for peace, calm and stillness.

I want these things, to be sure and I do have a right to them as a child of God.

But, I cannot fight for them alone.
I know that now.

After trying on my own to fight and losing a fighting battle.

He says,

 “Don’t fight. 
Be still. 
Let me fight the battles for you 
while you rest."


"The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm."
Exodus 14:14


  1. Me too! But doesn't the "giving up" part sound scary...even if it is the fight we're giving up? I'm wrestling with some of this myself. New ground for me, for sure. I'm giving up on a bit of a different fight, one I'm still defining exactly. I began to explore it when my One Word for 2014 slammed me in the heart. I was glad to read your post, to know there's someone else on a similar path. Blessings to you.

    1. Hi Lisa. Yes, the giving up is scary. It is definitely a struggle. I sat down to write this and I felt like this was just a pile of words, so I'm glad it resonated with you! I am very curious what your One Word is. I have never done that, but decided to this year. I went to the site and read about it. I asked the Lord what He wanted (there are so many words I could have chosen!!) I came up with "cultivate". Blessings to you, and thanks for your kind words!

  2. Hey there, neighbor...
    Totally understand this...
    I read this and just said "Yes, Yes, Yes.."
    Satan isn't clueless...he knows where to find our weak spots and you cannot fight alone! You need that big God of ours and fellowship with fellow "fighters."

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, we do so need each other in this!! :)

  3. Such a peaceful surrender. Wishing you all the comfort and peace that you seek, sweet FMF friend :)

  4. Thanks, Tris, for your sweet words! Blessings to you!

  5. Good for you, and your photos are lovely!

    1. Thank you! Heading over to visit your blog! :) Blessings!


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