Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Seeing the sacred in sunrise

I am hard pressed to choose what I am. Am I a night owl, or an early bird? Usually, I'm up too late to be much of an early bird, so you can see my dilemma.

There is something sacred about early mornings when the day is fresh and the world has not yet caught it's breath.

The quiet is settled on the morning like a fog that hasn't yet lifted. If I've gotten enough sleep to actually be awake at this early hour, my thoughts speak loudly in the quiet. God can speak too. He speaks all the time, but this is when my ears can actually hear Him if I take the time to listen.

The dawn herself is decked out in glorious array at the beginning. Her colors are more vivid. It's like dawn is showing off and letting us know that there is more glory to come.

A couple of weeks ago, this sacredness of early morning sunrise hit me like it's hitting me today.

The beauty struck me.
The silence stopped me.

The thought that no matter what else life throws at me, no matter how many things change, the sun always rises, and even when it's not rising in my corner of the world, it's rising somewhere!

What a comforting thought!

Here's what I wrote that day:

Each morning, the sun gently kisses the earth and sky in your corner of the world. The sun is always shining somewhere!
Darkness lasts only for a night.

Then, the dawn comes.
It rises as surely as a breath, whether you will it to or not.
The dawn is programmed to rise. It's in the very nature of things that dawn comes.

Drink in the sun like a large glass of tea on a summer day.
It beckons you to stop, look, listen to the beauty.

The dawn speaks every day.
Do you hear her?
She whispers.
She taps us on the shoulder and says,

"Remember yesterday? I was here upon your waking from slumber. I'm here today.

I'm here, as close as your breath is to your soul.
I promise to greet you every day you are on this earth.
This should give you security.
A foundational trust.
What was true yesterday, is true today.
I'm here.

Oh, you may not see the sun exactly the same every day.
Some days it is obscured by clouds.
But, rest assured my friend.
I'm here and I've brought Mr. Sun with me.

Every morning, in some part of this vast beautiful world, the sun shines.
The creator deemed it this way.

In this way, the cycle continues,
day after day,
week after week,
year after year,
sunrise to sunrise,
sunset to sunset
the circle of light continues on.

Take time to be silent in my presence.
Listen to what I have to say.
Feel the warmth of my light on your face and be restored.
Carry my light with you throughout this day.

Carry and share.

The world needs my promised light, health, peace,
and yet there is so much hurry that I am often missed.

And much goes missing.

I am close to everyone on this earth.
To anyone who has breath in their lungs and pause in their soul."

Thanks for stopping by, friend!


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  1. I absolutely love sunrises. Loved your beautiful words about this special time! Visiting from Three Word blessed!

    1. Thank you, Joyfull, for stopping by! And thanks for your kind words! Blessings!

  2. there is something magical and sacred about early a body of water before its been splashed in and boats churn the water...placid, still...beautiful...the sunrise offers those soul quiet moments....i love to get up early...its my favorite time of the day!!! and how much better do we all feel when the sun has been shining down strong on our backs for a glorious hour or two?

    1. I love your words, Summer, and the analogy of the body of water before its been splashed in! So appropriate! Yes, the sun is healing and restoring to body and soul! Blessings!

  3. I wish I felt more awake when the world has not yet caught its breath. Is there such a thing as an evening person? :)

    1. Yes, evening people are totally legit. I think I'm an evening person too, because I love sunsets!!!!! :)

  4. So much beauty in every word you wrote. I love the sunrises. I'm an early riser but I think it's time with the warmer temps that I take myself outdoors on those early mornings to breathe in His goodness. Loved this!! Blessings.

    1. Thanks so much Beth! Love to hear from other sunrise lovers! I know I don't take myself outside nearly enough, nor am I up early enough lately to enjoy them to the fullest. I need to take my own advice! Thanks for your kind words! :)


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