Monday, January 16, 2017

when the muse shows up

Linking up today with other wild and free writers at Kate Motaung's place for the first Five Minute Friday of the new year. This week's prompt is middle.  Five minute Friday is a time when we write for five minutes straight without fancy edits. Just writing for the fun of it. Come on over to Kate's blog to find out how you can join in in 2017!

Sometimes you just don't know when the creative muse is going to show up. It was in the middle of the week before Christmas. I was on the 2nd day of the worst cold I've had in my life. I was sitting on the sofa with my journal and a cup of tea and the muse showed up. 

I had wanted to write a short story for my daughter's short story collaboration called Meet Cute. But, I told her, I just don't have a story ready. I was also hesitant because what if it wasn't good enough for her to pick for her book?? How would I feel?

Well, all of that went by the wayside that morning in December. My pen started moving across my journal pages as fast as you can imagine. I couldn't really believe it myself. I just kept writing and writing and it was fun. I wasn't editing as I went along either. I wasn't scrutinizing my writing. I was just having fun and letting the words tumble out of me and through my pen and onto the page. 

And, I had let myself off the hook. I had told myself it didn't matter if she, as the editor of the Meet Cute book, chose my meet cute story. I decided it mattered just to write a story for fun and see what happened after that.

That's when the creativity usually shows up, doesn't it? It shows up when it isn't pressured to show up. It shows up when it doesn't have to be "included" or perfect. It wants to be free to just "be". 

I loved writing the story called Matt and the Beauty, based on how I met my future husband. 

And, you know what? My daughter really liked it.*


Thanks for stopping by today! It's lovely to have you here,


*My short story, Matt and the Beauty, will be published along with 18 other short stories with the "meet cute" theme! Meet Cute is a collaboration of short stories along with illustrations from separate artists from around the world. So excited for my daughter Kara Landhuis, editor. Find out more at!


  1. Hello Ann. I'm your fmf neighbour (next but one). I've not posted in a while and seem to have messed up my link. Although it gives the title prompt 'Decide', the link will definitely bring you to the correct post for Middle (should you care to visit).
    Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you are visited by your Muse and the writing just flows and the end result makes you feel "wow! did I write that?"
    Glad you experienced one of those special moments. We writers can be so hard on ourselves. Congratulations on being selected for your daughter's book!
    Best wishes.


    1. Thanks for your kind words, Carol! It is fun when the muse shows up unexpectedly. :) Thanks for visiting today!

  2. Don't you just love it when the pen writes by itself and we get to sit back and watch!

    1. I do love that Leslie, but it doesn't happen as often as I'd like. I think I just need to keep at it. Thanks for visiting!!


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