Friday, August 24, 2012

The strength of the Dandelion...

 Dandelion arrives in early spring,
(before any of her counterparts)
wearing her yellow bonnet.
She brings no insecurity with her.
She is known by all, but appreciated by few.

This does not deter her from being herself in all of her glory.
She's strong.
She knows herself.
She outshines even the more glorious.

Even when others' beauty fades, she still shines.
She never questions her worth or purpose.

Oh, to arrive on this earth like her.

Undeterred by opposition.


  1. I have always smiled at audacity of these sweet flowers to bloom in manicured lawns! I love your description! I recently wrote about what God taught me through spiderworts--a near weed with beautiful flowers--that my husband has since weed whacked!
    Thanks for sharing your insights! Jenny

    1. Hi Jenny! I just saw this comment from April! Sorry I missed it! Thanks for your kind words. I'm going to check out your blog!


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