Wednesday, May 14, 2014

4131: Friendship personified

My daughter graduated from college Friday night. 

Being an Advertising major, she was 7th in line of about 400, so we listened to 393 names after hers. A test in endurance for sure.

But, the real party happened down by the ladies restroom moments after the auditorium cleared. This is where we told our daughter to meet us. 

4131 met us there, too.


The number of the apartment much too small for the four big hearts living there for the past year.

Yes, "4131" is what they call themselves. 

A force of friendship to be reckoned with.

How can I describe this group of friends as lovely as a spring day and as diverse as a Midwest prairie? 

They met each other in a small group a little over a year ago. They all joined this group "randomly." 

Randomly is in quotes because I don't believe in random at all. "Random" is a word I'm going to faze out of my vocabulary. No. Random their meeting was not.

I believe God brought these gals together.

I didn't meet these girls in person often, but my daughter talks and I listen.

I heard about the movie journal they kept right by their flat screen TV recording over 100 movies they watched together this year (I jokingly asked, "did you come to college for class or movies??)

"Movies" was the unanimous answer.

As did all the girls of 4131, they apparently referred to me not as Kara's mom, but by my first name, "Anne". In fact, 4131 referred to each girl's parental unit by their first names.  

Kara might say, "Anne is knitting again." To which 4131 would reply something like, "Oh, Anne, she's so crafty." 

These girls not only got each others jokes, they got each other lives. And, to my knowledge didn't get on each others nerves (too much anyway--a modern day miracle in my book!)

These girls--4131--all love Jesus in a way that shows in their faces, their talk and their friendship.

4131's love for each other swells my heart and invites me to cherish my friends and to stand on my tippy-toes and look over the fence for new ones God will bring my way. 

Their acts and words of love for each other inspire me to be a better friend.

I could tell in the very personal gifts each one gave my daugher Friday night that each of these precious 4131 gals felt like I do.

They struggled and still struggle to find words to describe what they've had over the past year in each other.

*unity and love




*listening ears

*clothing swaps

*late night pizza runs

*celebrity swooning (too many men to mention--all in good taste, of course--honorable mention going to news anchor Brian Williams)

*celebrating each other's successes

*Walmart runs

*even a requested winter photo shoot

As I mentioned, I'm struggling to find the words to describe what these girls have meant to me in the past year.

How grateful I am and have been to know how much they love Jesus and love each other.

This is blessing.
This is friendship personified.

Caitie, Catherine and Caitlyn, you make me misty-eyed to think of you.

You will always be remembered and cherished for the girls you each are and for the love that you've shown to each other.

For the friendship you've given my daughter.

It seems too trite to say, but thank you for being friends.

Caitlyn, Kara, Catherine, and Caitie

Love, Keer's mom

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  1. Visiting from Three Word Wednesday and have absolutely loved this post!! What a precious year these girls have had which will impact them forever! Thanks for sharing something so joyous and precious!

    1. Thanks, Joyfull, for your kind comment! I just had to put something down in writing about this foursome. So unique and brought together by our great God! Blessings indeed!

  2. Crazy sitting in. McDonald's and crying over breakfast while reading a ready listener. ;-)

  3. I'm a little misty-eyed from reading this beautiful post. I loved, loved, loved. You captured the beauty of friendship so well. But how especially beautiful it was to see how much your daughters friendships blessed you as her mom. This really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing with TWW. Blessings.

    1. Thanks so much Beth! I'm glad it could touch you too! It didn't take long for me to realize that God's hand was in this! So many blessings!


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