Friday, May 2, 2014

The Artist's canvas

I'm joining other brave writers at Five Minute Friday over at Lisa Jo Baker's blog. The idea is to write for five minutes straight. No edits. No backtracking. Just pure writing for the fun of it. Won't you join in the fun? Today's prompt is: MESS.


The Artist looked down at his canvas.

It was dark. 

It was formless and void, but he had plans for it. 

Oh, he had big, big plans.

It didn’t take any effort at all, just words and the canvas had light. 
Then, the Artist began adding colors. So many colors that don’t even fit on an ordinary color wheel. 

Colors of magenta and indigo and peachy and pinks and all manner of colors. He splashed them on his canvas in a lavish fashion. 

He didn’t have to be careful about it because he is the perfect One and even his most messy artist ways are perfect.

It may look a mess to us, but from his angle,

 his artist canvas, his masterpiece, is perfect

 as he is.

He decorated his canvas in ways that are beyond human comprehension. His canvas stretches as far as our eyes can see. We can’t even fathom the depth, the riches, the love, that he has put into his art.

We take after him, yes we do.

We are creative and artistic beings that bear his image. We bear his likeness and we can create beautiful things out of nothing really, just as he created beautiful things out of dust. 

He created us.

Lavish artistic array. 

He created it all with perfection. He made all of what we see and experience out of the mess of darkness.



Thanks for visiting today, friend! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. A beautiful picture you painted. I am stopping by from FMF. I will be sure to stop by again!

    1. Thank you, Chrissy, for stopping by today! Blessings to you!

  2. Such a masterpiece His mess truly is. Thank you for reminding me that the ability to see beyond the mess is often the lens that we choose to look through. Perspective.

    1. Thanks, as always, Tris for your kind comment. For some reason, I immediately thought of art when I heard the word, "mess" today. :) Probably because I've been making messy art lately!

  3. Our God the greatest artist...takes our mess and brings beauty ...lovely writing

    1. Thank you, Gloria! Blessings to you, friend!


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