Friday, October 24, 2014

Making fear take the back seat

Linking up with Kate at Five Minute Friday, where brave writers gather once a week to silence the inner critic and just write for five minutes straight, not worrying about edits or backtracking. This week's prompt is "dare". 

I basically started this blog, A Ready Listener, two and a half years ago as a dare to myself. I was actually scared speechless to put my words out there on the “interwebs” for the whole world to read. And, possibly criticize.

What would people think of my ideas and opinions on life? Would they silently criticize me? 
Would they categorize me as something that I don’t want and didn’t intend to portray?

It took two failed blog attempts to finally get one going. It was so difficult to force the words out onto the screen and even more difficult to click publish. It’s still difficult.

But, I guess I've learned to push through that fear and intimidation of putting my words out there, because for two and a half years, I’ve been pretty regularly putting them out there. Putting them out, open to criticism and disagreement.

But, also putting them out there to encourage. The sub-theme of my blog, under the name A Ready Listener is, “pausing to hear the beauty in all of life.”

I guess when I thought about that pause, and the beauty that surrounds me daily, and my desire to encourage readers and bring beauty to their lives, to your life, the fear took the second seat.

Oh, that I will choose to make fear take a back seat in things that I want to do in the future. In things that I have a passion about, but a fear to carry out.

Fear must take the back seat if beauty is to emerge.

Thanks for stopping by!
Blessings to you, friend!


  1. Hello dear Anne. You've come to my mind several times recently and I have so been meaning to come by and catch up. Glad I stopped in today because I've missed reading your beautiful, encouraging words. So glad you took that dare to begin blogging!! Blessings.

    1. Beth, you are so kind and encouraging to me! I so appreciate your stopping by! I am glad you began blogging, too! Your words are a comfort to many! I'm glad TWW is starting up again, friend! :)

  2. "Fear must take the back seat if beauty is to emerge". Beautiful.

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts!! :)


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