Saturday, June 6, 2015

my best gift

I was three years old when I received my best gift. I remember the room well. It had beige and tan tile floors (not beautiful). It had low wooden tables that had Formica tops so as to protect them from little hands' coloring mistakes. 

There were little, miniature wooden chairs with the curved backs with rungs. I could sit there in my little dress, all dressed up with my patent leather black buckle shoes just touching the floor with my tippy toes.

My Sunday School teachers had dresses on and their hair was done up with lots of hair spray. 

This was the 60’s after all. 

Oh, were my teachers sweet. I don’t remember lots of details about the lessons on the flannel graph. But, my teachers' voices were soft and gentle, not harsh. 

They taught me about Jesus and Peter and the other disciples that followed Jesus and wanted to be like him. They taught me about God’s love and grace. I’m not sure I grasped what grace was in my 3rd year of life, but I think I knew what love was, at least I was beginning to know it.

It was in my Sunday school teacher’s eyes.

Before I graduated from three year old Sunday school, I received a gift. For some odd reason all these 49 years later I still have it in a drawer. I received a small black New Testament with my name in it: 

Anne Britt Yvonne Oberg. And the date.

It was from my Sunday school teachers in my preschool class. I will never forget them, nor the gifts they gave me that year.


Thanks for joining in memory lane today, friends!
What's the greatest gift you've been given?

Blessings to you,

(nostalgia queen. Jesus girl. hairspray lover)

---linking up today with Kate Motaung and other writers (a little late) for Five Minute Friday. Here, we're free to write unedited for five minutes straight on a prompt chosen by Kate the night before. This week's prompt is the word, "gift". Come on over to Kate's place to find out what other writers wrote and to join in!!

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