Wednesday, June 3, 2015

the other side of the un-doing {beauty from chaos}

The layers go on the canvas one at a time. One on top of the other. Then, the abuse and destruction begins. 

Each layer is approached with the idea that it can be completely destroyed to create beauty

Beauty from chaos and destruction.

water drops
covering over with new materials

Each layer gets its own treatment. It may be painful for each layer, but the purpose is "keeping the end in mind." 

The purpose is destruction for the greater beauty that will unfold in the end.

Life is kind of like that. 

Layer on top of layer our life experiences accumulate and pile on top of each other. Some of these layers bring beauty. And, some we feel might destroy us.

But, as we go through each layer of life experience, we are changed into a new person. Each change or event leaves us different, not the same person we were before it. 

We are transformed.

Sometimes this feels like destruction. Like it will undo us. In the end though, if we persevere and get to the other side of the un-doing, our beauty emerges as sure as the sun peeking through the clouds after a spring rain. We begin to see tiny sparks of beauty, creativity and courage. 

We begin to hope.

We start to see that we've gone through a door and we wont be going back. We don't want to, because we are changed for the better through this process. 

It's been compared to a butterfly emerging out of a chrysalis, or an onion being peeled back to reveal new and fresh layers.

So, too, each layer of our life that is exposed through harsh circumstances has the potential to make us shine in new ways. If we let it. 

Beauty emerges from the ashes of what we thought would destroy.
I've seen it happen and I know it will happen again.

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  1. Transformations are amazing processes. I'm fond of butterflies for this very reason. Thanks for sharing at #ThreeWordWednesday.

    1. Kristin, thanks for your comment. I love transformations, too. Even if painful.

  2. I love learning about the artistic process! thank you for sharing how it works (I'm a stick-person sort of gal, myself). We are each and every one of us a masterpiece at different stages of development. May we always give the Artist room to work!

    1. Oh my. Thanks for stopping by! I so agree with you! May we ALWAYS give the Artist room to work! Amen!


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