Friday, August 14, 2015

learning to pay attention

Today is Five Minute Friday, where a tribe of writers gather to write for just five minutes. Without fancy edits, just writing to get the words out. Come on over to Kate Motaung's blog to see how you can join in or just read what others have written on the prompt, "learn".

Just yesterday afternoon, I heard this knock. It sounded like a knock on my front door, but instead it was coming from the back of the house! Like from my little half bath!

I wondered what in the world could be making a knocking sound that was just like the UPS man knocking on my door. Kind of freaked me out, honestly, because I was home alone at the time. Again, no one else could be making this knocking noise.

 So, I cautiously walked back through my bedroom, into the half bath. I could still hear it. I still have paper on my windows as curtains, so I cautiously lifted one corner and peeked underneath through the window. (you should have seen me…kind of a scaredy cat). 

And there, folks, was the “knocker” on my windowsill. He had on a little spotted coat of feathers because I think he was a Spotted Woodpecker, who obviously didn’t really know what he was doing

So, I politely asked him, “What are you doing pecking on my windowsill?”

“Do you want something?”

He didn’t answer, but boy, did he ever take a good long look at the funny face staring at him through the window. I’m not sure who was more surprised, he or I.

This has had me thinking all day long today. If I had not been paying attention, I wouldn’t have heard the knocking and I wouldn’t have had that conversation.

I want to learn to pay attention. Always. 

So, I don’t miss fun things like this.

Little things that brighten my day and bring joy.

I want to learn.

Blessings to you, friend!



  1. Hi, I'm your nearest neighbor for Five Minute Friday and I'm so happy to discover your beautiful blog! Peace, hope, and many blessings to you, Leah

  2. Fun post, Anne. I'm learning to pay attention too. One of the best tools I have found for bird ID is Cornell's School of Ornithology at This is a new site for them. Last year I discovered their bird cams and had just the most fun learning about owls and hawks and my favorite - the Laysan Albatross. You might enjoy their site.


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