Friday, September 25, 2015

watering seeds

Linking up today with others at Five Minute Friday, where a tribe of writers write for five minutes straight on a single prompt. No fancy edits, just writing for the fun of it! Hop on over to Kate Motaung's place to find out how to join in! Today's prompt is doubt.

If hope is that thing with feathers that sits within the soul, doubt is the anchor tied to our weary feet that sinks fast and weighs us down more than anything else. 

Hope springs eternal, but doubt kills.

The other morning I was standing at my kitchen sink watering the succulent that is on my window sill, and words formed in my spirit. They were unmistakable. A message from either my soul, or the Divine, I'm not sure which, but the words were almost loud enough for me to hear with my ears.

"Are you watering seeds of doubt, or seeds of faith?"

It was one of those times where I stopped dead in my tracks, with the water glass positioned in mid-air, as I let those words roll around in my head, and make their way the twelve or so inches down to my heart. 

In fact, those words were so profound that I spent the rest of the day thinking about them. I couldn't shake them.

See, lately, with some long standing health issues that don't seem to want to move on out of my life, I've had my doubts at times that I'll ever be without them. 

They seem like a boat anchor tied to my feet, keeping my faith from soaring. Keeping my eyes down low, down at my feet instead of up, up into the grand future that God has planned out for me.

I've decided since that message from the Divine that I need to get my watering can out and give my faith a drink of bright cool water. And refresh my weary soul.

Thanks for stopping by today, friend!
I hope your weary soul is refreshed!

Blessings to you!


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  1. Persistent illness does make it easier to sow seeds of doubt. I was devastated when I discovered I would no longer be able to work in my previous career because of illness. After a two or three weeks of vegging in front of the TV, I became bored and began to ask, Lord, what can I do? Answers began coming after that. They're not easy answers. I must work to fulfill them. But they're solid and give me a future.

    God bless you as you sow seeds of faith. I'll keep you in my prayers.

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday.


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