Friday, August 12, 2016

lift the hand

Linking up today with other wild writers at Kate Motaung's blog for Five Minute Friday. We write for five minutes and don't do fancy edits. In fact, today, I didn't even reformat. Just added a photo. That's really wild. Today's prompt is lift.

What if you don't know what to do, but you know you have to lift your hand to do it. 

Anything you want to do has to have effort behind it, and initiative.

Is there a dream burning a hole in your pocket?
Have you had dreams come and weigh heavy, and then vanish into thin air?

Have you wondered what to do with the rest of your life?

What would you do if money were no object?
What would you do if happiness was the result?

Sheer happiness with no strings attatched?

Sometimes it takes some deep soul searching.
Sometimes the hand is heavy and sluggish.
Sometimes the hand doesn't know which way to go, so it's paralyzed, so to speak.

Paralyzed by inaction.
Oh, the ability is there. 

But, the initiatve and motivation are lacking for some reason.

That reason may be unknown.

Lift your hand.

Lift the pen.
Lift the brush.
Lift the saw or hammer.

Lift your eyes to possibilities.
They are truly endless.

Why don't we think this way more often?

The freedoms we have to create and make something beautiful from nothing are here. They are right in front of us.

What will it take for us to lift ourselves out of the un-initiative, the un-motivation to start?
What makes us stuck?

What if the doing something big (or small) is just in the "getting started". 
The lifting of the hand.

Thanks for stopping by for Five Minutes of crazy free writing!

Let's lift our hands and do our happy work!



  1. Hello Anne! I'm joining you from FMF, and although my first name is really Kathleen, I am mostly known by my middle name, "Ann" (without an "e"). I really like your post. It is simple and to the point, but challenging and potentially life-changing! Thanks for the reminder and encouragement to simply take that first step and lift our hand!

  2. "Lift your eyes to possibilities." So many before us if we just look. Then they become reality.

  3. Hi Anne,

    Great post. It really resonated with me.



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