Sunday, June 3, 2012

Simply, words.

They have always been important to me. I read a book a long time ago called Words That Hurt, Words That Heal. That about sums it up. We can either hurt someone, or help to bring healing. It is our choice. It is my choice. I don't always choose well. Words are rarely neutral. However, simple words, spoken with kindness usually have the most impact.

One of my top love languages is Words of Affirmation. (from the book, The Five Love Languages) When someone compliments or affirms me, it goes straight to my heart. I feel loved. However, the reverse is also true. When I am criticized or put down, those words really hurt my heart. I don't want to hurt others with my words.

I find that even the simplest of words can make me feel (at the very least) noticed. Like a simple "How are you?".  And, when someone goes the extra mile to ask follow up questions? I feel important. 

What if we all asked, "How are you?" and then really listened for the answer? What if we asked follow up questions to that first one, to probe deeper? We could ask about job or family. (simple, right?) Or, "How was your day?"

If we know someone who is going through the same struggle that we had in the past, we could say, "I know just how you feel." People are craving to be understood.

We could try to look beneath rough exteriors to what might be brewing right under the surface. They may have just heard bad news. Instead of judgement, we could say to ourselves, "I wonder what is going on?" (and genuinely care). 

The Bible has much to say about words, so they must be important to God. He spoke the world and universe into existence by His Word! Matthew 12:37b says, "Words are powerful; take them seriously. Words can be your salvation. Words can also be your damnation."

Those are strong words, but they are truth. When we use our words to uplift and heal, we are sowing good seed into our lives, and we are like Christ. Our words can either help or hurt, and they are rarely neutral. How will you use your words? Remember...simple words spoken with kindness mean the most.


  1. Good "Words" your new site...your robin.

  2. Thanks, friend, and fellow blogger!

  3. I enjoy reading you blog. I think you have a message I want to hear. I am going to try to keep up with your writings. I am going to subscribe by e mail. God bless you.


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