Sunday, June 10, 2012

How to live unbridled

The sun is hot. The earth is parched and cracked and thirsty for rain. My masters have been harsh and unrelenting. They have forced me to pull a heavy plow through the cracked and dried earth. I am tired and weary from the workload that has been placed on my shoulders. Day after day the heavy yoke and harness has been strapped on. The bridle, with its blinders, has been slipped over my head and cinched into place. I cannot see my surroundings. Only the hardened earth at my feet.

The harness seems to get heavier each passing day. What makes it even heavier is the harsh criticism from my masters. "C'mon, clod-foot, pick up your feet! Let's move it!". With each chiding command, a strap from my harness strikes me on my back over and over. Somehow, my back never toughens under the strap-slapping blows. Sometimes my inner being cries from the blows to my furry equine skin.

One day, I awake in the dankness of my musty stall to find I am getting a new Master! The heavy stall door creaks open and gentle hands grasp my halter and I am led out into open air. I notice as I'm led to my new quarters, that my old straps and harness are left behind. I am bewildered, but strangely at peace. Without the hindrance of my bridle's blinders, my eyes meet my new Master's eyes. They are the kindest eyes I've ever seen on any master. As he leads me to his greener pastures, he is gentle. As we walk along, I notice a pond with clear water, and I have hope.

My new stall has been well prepared for me. Fresh straw lines the floor. The bucket hanging on the wall holds the freshest of grains for my complete nourishment. Dare I hope that this new Master will love me? Will he accept me, or will the old harness find its way back to me in this new shackle me, blind me, sting me?

I soon find that not only does my new Master have kind eyes and gentle hands, but His voice calms me. He assures me that he will take good care of me. He reaches over to the wall adjacent my stall and takes down a brand new harness. It is a harness unlike anything I've ever seen. It has no restraining blinders. It has no straps to slash my tender back. It has been made by love, exquisite craftsmanship and approving smiles. It is tenderly crafted to contain the wild parts of my inner self, but in containing me, it will protect me. 

My Master has created my harness to fit me perfectly... to gently guide me, to bring me ease and not discomfort. I know now that my Master loves me. He will guide me all of my days and has provided everything I will ever need. No more heavy task-masters slapping my back with blow upon blow. No more harsh criticism and expectations that I will perform more and harder than I can endure. I am at peace in my Master's gentle care. I am free to live in complete protection and fullness of joy.

"Take my yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am gentle (meek) and humble (lowly) in heart, and you will find rest (relief, and ease and refreshment and recreation and blessed quiet) for your soul. " Jesus in Matthew 11:29

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