Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What to do while you're waiting for new feathers

My little yellow canary, Gideon, has stopped singing. He's lived with me for two seasons now though, so I have learned not to be alarmed. Along with his lull in song, his downy feathers have started littering the floor beneath his cage. He is molting. 

The first year I had him and his feathers started to fall out, it freaked me out! I went online to read about canaries and learned about their yearly molting. I also read that the canary either sings very little, or quits singing during this time of growing new feathers because it takes a lot of energy.

I am happy to report that during this two month window of no songs bellowing from his little chest, he happily tweets and chirps daily. Especially if the dishwasher or washing machine are running. His cage sits right by my living room window so he can see the other birdies outside. He loves to chirp at them when they dart past his little black eyes.

Gideon's got me thinking. Again. There are times that I want to break out in full song because life is full. It's going well. Things are clicking along like the keys on my keyboard as I type. But then, there are other days when I only have the energy to get out a few chirps or tweets. I'm friendly and happy, but just....resting. 

Gideon needs time to rest from singing to grow new feathers. I often need time to rest while it feels like I'm growing new feathers. I really do want to "fly" in life. I want to have the energy to soar not only into my destiny, but to do the laundry cheerfully. To clean out a closet with joy. 

While I wait for my new wings, I choose to pause, rest, and enjoy the view.

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  1. This was really good Anne. Having trust and resting in all Gloria


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