Wednesday, March 5, 2014

On finishing well

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She's shown up for all seven small group times in a row. She doesn't live too far from the church, but the winter has not been friendly to drivers here in Iowa the past few weeks. This hasn't stopped her.

She steps into each group meeting with a charcoal gray Columbia coat, and fashionable black knee high boots.

And, she must be about eighty years young.

I wish I could have heard her whole story. You see, she always wore a smile and a certain dignity about her, even though there had been pain.

One of the pieces of her story contained a broken relationship.

She didn't leave it there. 

She pursed the brother who in his 70's hadn't spoken to her in decades. 

She offered him forgiveness and healing where there had been years of pain and alienation.

Where the bridge had been washed out but good, she built a new one.
She planted seeds of forgiveness and empathy in the garden of their relationship, and watered those with large buckets of understanding.

I could see the results of this forgiving and repairing and mending work in her eyes as she spoke.

I could see the peace that the courage to face her fears had brought her.

She wears the peace well.

I see no retirement here. 

I see no "sit-on-my-porch-and-rock-my-life-away" mentality.

She's vibrant, sparkling and very much alive. 

I want to be like her now.
I want to be like her then, in thirty years.

It's made me ask myself,
"How can I finish the race like she's finishing?"

Faith more than intact.
Forgiveness flourishing.
Peace like a river.
Joy bubbling over.
A burning desire to influence others and make a difference.

Thirty years from now, I want to be the sparkling woman who walks into the room bringing peace, joy and a wisdom beyond my years.

I want to be influencing.

I want to be living with passionate purpose.

I want to leave a legacy of beauty and hope for those who have crossed my path.

I'm sure when Nadine entered the room that first night of group, she had no idea that I would be sitting there. She didn't know that for seven straight weeks I would be watching her and hearing her and taking mental heart notes.

It was a very small thing, her deciding to attend the same group as I. But, her decision has made a lasting impression on me.

Thank you, Nadine.


  1. I want the same things, Anne. To be like Jesus, no matter my age.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Dayle. Yes, we're on the same page.

  2. I see you think like me. I'm looking at people older than me and finding inspiration there too. What a wonderful story you told.

  3. What a beautiful story and testimony to your friend. And me too...I pray I am someone who brings peace, joy and love when I enter a room. Blessings to you, Anne.

    1. Thank you, Beth, for your lovely comment! We are on this journey together! Much love and blessings to you, Beth!


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