Friday, July 11, 2014

Belonging to a moment

I'm linking up with other brave writers today for Five Minute Friday to write for five minutes straight on the word, "belong." We abandon the inner critic and write with freedom.
Crystal Stine is the host today. Won't you join us?

He stood there in my entry way this week looking a lot like Larry the Cable Guy with his overalls, ball cap and scraggly beard. But, he had more the personality of Mr. Rogers.

He had just rang the doorbell to check on my air conditioner since it had started to heat up in our house.

What I remember most is not the dollar amount that would be charged us for the new unit that would have to be installed next week.

I noticed how alike we really were despite all outward appearances. I stood outside myself for once and observed.

I observed how we are both human beings with the innate need to belong.
And belong we did.

We connected in conversation over my canary’s songs, and the baby birds on my porch. He could see the mother bird in the tree just in the yard, nervously chirping.

“She wants to get back to her babies.”

He told me about growing up in Oklahoma, through his southern accent, and about how he had raccoons and squirrels and possums for pets at one time growing up.

It was neat how we stood there, two vastly different people in occupation and possibly life status, 

but at that moment we were both experiencing what it feels like to belong somewhere

Even for just a few minutes, we were both belonging to this group of people who love and care about God’s creatures.

It made me glad. Glad to be human.

And glad to belong to this moment.

Thanks for stopping by today friend!

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