Saturday, January 10, 2015

Welcoming gifts

The blue jay came to visit on my huge pine tree this morning. He sat on a branch that had a bit of snow on it. He pecked at the snow as if to get some of the moisture it held, even though powdery. 

He hopped to a different branch within my sight and I silently gave thanks that he didn’t fly away yet.

Not yet. 

I saw his visit as a heavenly gift. Just for me. Who else would be watching this close to my uncovered window? No one.

In another instant, he flew away. Probably to go find some seed somewhere, (because I’ve been too much of a pansy in this cold weather to go and hang the suet ball I bought before Christmas.)

But, he came to visit my tree anyway and to take a drink of the cold snow.


Was it grace that brought him here?

Was It just a coincidence?

I don’t believe in them.

Coincidences, I mean.

I welcome those serendipitous moments that freeze in time like a photograph in my mind.

I choose to see those happenings as a divine intervention in my day to bring me joy.

I don’t deserve them.
They are given free, at just the moment I need them.

Maybe it is a moment I least expect, but extravagant kindness is shown from a benevolent Creator.

I’ll be looking for Mr. Blue Jay to visit again soon.

But, in the meantime, I will welcome gifts of grace wherever I find them.

Won’t you?

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  1. Oh yes, tender kisses from our good Father. I feel like you...undeserved, precious finding one whole sand dollar on my birthday!
    Bless you in Jesus' name!!

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