Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It might not be what you thought

I was once absolutely SURE of what my God sized dream was! I would have put money on it. I was banking on it! 

Why, I don't know. Who can figure out God?
And, I cannot predict the future.

Three years ago I was busy, busy busy applying for a specific grad school out in Washington. Through a series of serendipitous events, I was sure that this specific school, this exact vocation was what God was leading me to do. 

I was wrong. And, then I fell kind of hard when it didn't happen.

Putting all my eggs in the "this is what God has told me to do" basket was a real let down when I found out I was carrying the wrong basket of eggs.

But, in hindsight (isn't it always 20/20?) I"ve been learning a few things. Here are six things I've learned about having a God-sized dream.

1.  Dreaming is one thing, but it might not turn out the way you thought it would.

I've had a long time dream to be a Counselor. The program I wanted to attend is for Counseling Psychology. Through events with my husband getting a much wanted change in his current job, and not finding a job in Washington, we decided to stay in Iowa. This meant, no school in Washington for me, and none for the foreseeable future either.

What could I do? First of all, I grieved the loss of that dream. It took awhile. That step is very important. It was truly a loss for me. 

Then, I began to be open to what God might want to do for and through me whilst staying in little ole' Iowa. Through my sister-in-law, I found out about Emotional Polarity Technique practitioner training in Indiana. After praying, I decided, this was something I could get excited about ( 

It wasn't exactly the dream I had for going to Washington to grad school, but it was in line with my dream. I want to help people heal emotionally. This is one way, a holistic-health-way, of helping people let go of unhealthy emotions. A win.

2. Having faith and being flexible are not mutually exclusive.

If it makes sense, it seems like I had more faith in my faith, than in what God wanted to do. As I said before, Who can figure out God? The good thing is, He does like to surprise His children. And, He loves us unconditionally. I can trust Him in that. And, I learned I needed to be flexible and filled with faith at the same time. That may seem unclear.

3. Have a dream, but keep it in open hands, not closed fists.

I wrote a post about this during the thick of my waiting. Better to keep a loose hold on things and people. This includes dreams.

4. Asking God what His dream is for you is a good idea! Then, listen.

This is a step I don't remember blatantly doing. I did a lot of praying. But, a lot of the praying was, "God, open the doors for me to do this thing."

5. Be willing to sit with ambiguity.

For two years, we looked for a job for my husband where the school was. We waited. It was hard. We had to live with not knowing what we were doing for a long time. I think that most of my growth happened during this hard waiting time. Don't despise waiting.

6. Your God-sized dream may not end up to be what you thought it would, but it will probably be better.

Sometimes I ask myself if I think that what I'm doing now is better than what I really wanted a couple of years ago. And, I have to say that yes, even though I'd love to go to grad school some day (and that is not out of the question), I know that where I'm at is right where God wants me. Right now.

I'm living the dream. I'm not waiting for it to happen someday. I'm living it right now.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, friend!
If you have a God-sized Dream, or are waiting on one, I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

Blessings to you!


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  1. So much good advice for God-sized dreaming here. I'm glad you shared at #ThreeWordWednesday.

  2. The hardest part for me is the ambiguity—and the waiting! I love your story. God's plans for us can be a real mystery, but it such a comfort to remember that He is always at work, even when things go "wrong" in our minds. I am stopping by from the Coffee for Your Heart link up. Thanks for the good reminders about God's plans for us!

  3. Oh, Anne - I know this dreaming path well. I had a God-sized dream too - a place my heart was anchored for years - and God set sail in an opposite direction. My dream had to turn into an offering and I simply had to let it go. But yes, falling hard and hurting were no fun - but in hindsight (gotta love it) so refining and clarifying to look with pure eyes to the future and more dreams - good dreams. Keep dreaming with Him. Just stopping by from Kristin's and #threewordwednesday.

  4. Beautiful, Anne. Thank you for sharing the grace of God, and your trust in Him, to guide you. We've all made plans and asked God to bless them. Isn't it amazing what happens when we turn it all over to Him? So happy that dreams are being fulfilled, even as new ones spring to life.

  5. Thank you Anne for opening your heart. And your honesty. I know The Lord will protect that which concerns you. Blessings dear friend

  6. Good wisdom, Anne. I'm not always sure what my God-sized dream may be. At times I think it's to write a book but most times I don't really think that is it. Maybe for me I need to find contentment in where He has me right now. I know He places desires in our heart . . . I'm working on that listening part. It's good to be here today. For some reason your new posts don't show up in my blog feed so doing a bit of catch up. Btw, I may be making some visits to Iowa over the summer. Des Moines area. I'm always up for connecting with writing friends if I will by chance be near you. Blessings to you.


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