Sunday, March 15, 2015

When you think you have a plan

I'm linking up today with the fabulous Five Minute Friday tribe of writers at Kate Motaung's blog. We write for five minutes straight. No fancy editing. Just sharing straight from the heart. Anyone can join in. Go to her blog to check things out! Today's prompt is plan.


Three years ago I had a plan. I was sure it was a God-ordained plan because there were signposts along the way.

My plan was to take steps to go to grad school out in Washington state. I applied.
Got accepted.
Got my husband's support and approval.
He looked for a job in Seattle so we could move from Iowa.

Two years later, no job in Seattle had surfaced. 
What to do?
We were empty nesters and didn't feel we could just pack up and leave with no income. Some people do that. Not us.

Our plans changed when my husband got a different position in the company he was already working in.
A position he liked.

I questioned God.

Washington State

How come this didn't work out for me? This plan that I thought you were in, God! 

This plan I thought you dropped into my head and my heart.

I still don't have answers about the grad school thing.
I have no idea if I will go now, but i have changed my plan. Hopefully to coincide with his. 

And, I've started to rethink why I wanted so badly to go to grad school to be a counselor and I've come up with an answer. 

It's because I want to be a healer. I want to help folks heal emotionally. To get underneath some health issues to what negativity might be causing pain.

And, if I have that as my plan it leaves the way wide open for how God might want to accomplish that through me.

He's already doing that, I'm discovering. Through my writing, relationships and art. I'm grateful.


Thanks for stopping by today, friend!
Do you have a plan you thought was a good one that didn't materialize?
I'd love to hear your story.


  1. Love the new plan! Wide open for Him, for healing, for hope... best plan ever.

  2. Thanks friend. His plans are always best, even if temporarily I might not think so! :)


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