Saturday, March 28, 2015

How to silence the inner critic

A Five Minute Friday musing on the muse and the inner critic.


I'm standing here at my computer staring at a blinking curser. 

How many writers have written that? 

Well, it's true for me today. Five Minute Friday is supposed to be all about silencing the inner critic and writing for five minutes straight. No edits. No fancy reworking, etc.

Silencing the inner critic. 

He is loud today.

"Everyone has already said it already. There is nothing new under the sun to write about. There are 127 people just on this link up ahead of you. They've covered it just fine thank you."

So, I guess I'm just going to start typing to break that inner critic. By moving my fingers across my keyboard and focusing on that blank sheet of white in front of me, I'm breaking him down. I'm actually staring him down in the face and proving him wrong!

I do actually have things to say. Okay, most of them are not profound. I've never been published outside of my couple of blogs even tho I want to be some day.

But, in the mean time, writing for me is a practice. 


a practice must be practiced whether the muse is on duty or not. 

The silence of my mind must be broken with words and work poured out on the page. 

I will continue to do this. 

That inner critic will not win. He will not have the final say. In the end, I will be heard. And, for each time I silence him, I will have broken his hold over me that much more.


Thanks for stopping by today, friend! Nothing profound. Just words on the page. Hope you're encouraged to silence that inner critic and do the art you were meant to live out!

{Today's Five Minute Friday prompt is "break"} Linked up at Kate Motaung's blog! Come on over and read what others wrote on this prompt!


P.S. Not sure why my inner critic is a male. (?)


  1. Hi Anne,
    Visiting for the first time from 5MF. Silencing that inner critic IS profound.

  2. Thank for going against your inner critic...

  3. Oh my goodness girl!!! "A practice must be practiced whether the muse is on duty or not." Wow! You need to Tweet that with a link to this post (if you haven't already) because it is so stinking true!!! Great post. I know I'm inspired! Gotta go. I need to write now, right now!

  4. Great piece Anne! "They've covered it just fine thank you"...interesting how our inner critics can be if it's ok and excused. I love how you used the keyboard imagery...


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