Friday, March 6, 2015

Keep standing on your own two feet

I'm linking up today with the fabulous Five Minute Friday tribe of writers at Kate Motaung's blog. We write for five minutes straight. No fancy editing. Just sharing straight from the heart. Anyone can join in. Go to her blog to check things out! Today's prompt is "gather".

Hi You.
Yes, you. 
You know who you are, and I want to tell you I see what you did there. 

I saw how you gathered up your courage on that night and showed up rather than hide. 
That's been a common theme for you, but you resisted.
You showed up.

That's brave.
I'm proud of you.

You show up even when you know you might not receive the affirmation that you crave. 
You've learned that you don't need that to survive. You now know who is your redeemer and vindicator. 
You know who's made things right for you, and who will continue to fight for you.
But, it's you who needed to step into the arena to see what you're made of.

You needed to get up
sign up
stand up
show up.

And, you did.

I'm proud of you. 

In fact, everyday I'm for you and proud of the person you've become.
I'd say don't change, but I'm actually going to say KEEP CHANGING.

Without change we grow stagnant.

Change assures growth.
Growth turns into maturity.
Maturity morphs into strength.

It is through strength that you can keep standing on your own two feet on your own solid ground.

Keep standing.
Keep walking.
Keep changing.
I'm right here beside you and I always will be.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, friend!
Blessings to you for a restful weekend.



  1. Quite simply, blown away!!! Wow! You, girl, are on fire! Light it up!

    1. Thank you, Luana! You are such a sweet, encouraging friend!


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