Friday, April 10, 2015

what we all have in common

When I search the whole world over with my thoughts, I can't help but think of how different we each are. Sure, we're all human, and there's lots of talk about how our humanity brings us together. 

Sometimes though, I see the differences. Sometimes that's okay and sometimes not. 

How do I know the difference? 

One thing I think I can say for sure though that brings us all together besides the fact that we're all human and we all share the same Creator is our need and desire for relief. 

We all want relief.

From pain
from strain in relationships
from the heat
from the cold
from tight jeans (okay confession there).

None of us desire to remain in discomfort or pain in any situation at any time. I think we seek the common denominator of comfort.


It can bring so much of our desires to pass.

But, what if our relief doesn't come in the timing or way we desire it to? 
What if we have to spend some amount of time in discomfort or pain? 

We all do. 

That brings us together also. We have that in common. We all have pain and discomfort at times. 

And looking the world over, there are those who have lots more pain and discomfort in the world than I do. I live a pretty comfortable and cushy life.

When you are in pain or discomfort, what brings you relief?

Is it prayer, 
or a hot cup of tea?

Let's remember that our pain, discomfort and our desire for relief bring us all together. 

We are really all the same.


Thanks for stopping by today, friend, for the Five Minute Friday post. This week's prompt is "relief". Stop on over at Kate Motaung's Blog for all the details about joining in!

How do you find relief? I'd love to hear from you!!

Many blessings to you!


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  1. Great post, Anne! We all want relief and we all have discomfort and both of those bring us together as humans. Prayer, friendship and a hot cup of tea all help to bring relief :) I'm visiting from #fmf


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