Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What you think you can't do

My brain only listens to ME.  

I heard that in a grief work class I took years ago. I think I also heard Joyce Meyer say it in several of her teachings.

I need to tell my brain the truth. Tell it things that are possible and not things that are limiting. 

In my head, though, I often find myself saying, "I can't do that." 
Maybe it's the way I see an artist paint something. Or, how to put lettering on the canvas. 

How do they do that? I could never do it like that!

Or, maybe it's to travel half way across the country by myself.

Where did these limiting beliefs come from? When did they start? What happened to shut down my belief in myself?

I know I had big dreams. Most small children do.

"I want to be a teacher!" (said with a huge grin, of course!)

"I wanna be a fire man!"

"I want to be a nurse!"

Yeah, I had my "I wanna a be a nurse" phase. It lasted until I found out about shots and blood and all that. In other words, that dream didn't last long.

Mostly, all I remember is that limiting belief, coming out as the words I typed above.

"I could never do that!"

A good friend was talking to me recently about this topic and he said, in essence, 

"repeat after me, 'I can do anything and go anywhere I want to. I am free.'"

I admit that saying that statement after him was a very difficult thing for me to do. It got stuck in my throat as the lump formed. 

Finally I repeated after him. I said, "I can do anything and go anywhere I want to. I am free." 

I said it through tears. I said it through fits and starts, but I said it. 

And, you know what? 
Now, I'm beginning to believe it.

What would you do, or where would you go, if you believed you could do anything?

Blessings to you today, friend.


I'm linking up with the lovelies at Coffee for Your Heart and at Three Word Wednesday.


  1. I. Am. Free. Such a good lesson - and one I've been learning as well. Thanks for linking up at #ThreeWordWednesday today.

  2. Free. Such an important word. Oh Lord, help our unbelief! Thanks for the reminder, Anne. Good to meet you through Holley's link up.

    1. Hi Laurie. Yes, Lord, help my unbelief! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Pulling back the curtain to identify limiting beliefs is both scary and rewarding. Kudos to you my friend!

    1. Thanks Tammy! I like how you put that. It's like limiting beliefs is the wizard of Oz. Once you pull the curtain back you realize there's nothing to fear! ;)

  4. We are our own biggest stumbling blocks aren't we? So powerful to say those words aloud - I am free! Free indeed.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Mindy! Yes, we are FREE!


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