Friday, April 3, 2015

when you don't feel good enough

If you're anything like me, you want to be good enough.

You want to look good.
you want to feel good. 
you want to be a good mom or dad.
be a good spouse.

We all want to be good.

We also want to be good at something.

Anything really!

We want to be so good at something that someone, anyone, the world really, will stand up and take notice. 

Don't we?

I was just thinking about how God wanted his work to be good, too. Like the work he did when he created the moon and stars, the birds and bees, the trees and donkeys. The sunsets and sunrises.

He wanted it all to be good. 

For us.

And, you know what? After each day of creation. He pronounced His work "good". Isn't that cool? 

What can that teach me to say to myself after I've created something!?

Such a good lesson there! 

But the pinnacle of his creation came on day 6. That's the day he created humankind, and you know what? He didn't pronounce it as good that day. No, he said something different that day. That day he didn't pronounce man and woman (you and me, really as humankind) as merely good

He said, "this. What I've made here is very good!"

So, on those days where you don't feel good enough at being you. Good enough at being a mom or dad or student, or a human being. Remember those words that God said on the sixth day. 

Remember that he created humanity and said, "This is very good!"


Thanks for stopping by for Five Minute Friday! Linking up at Kate's Motaung's blog for five minutes of free writing, just for the fun of it! Today's prompt is "good".

Blessings to you, friend!



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