Monday, April 29, 2013

What the Mourning Dove taught me

April 17, 2013. Two mornings after bombs went off at the Boston marathon, I was sitting in my chair, drinking tea and listening to the rain hit my windows. One lone Mourning dove was singing somewhere just beyond my curtained window. These words came to me as I was thinking about the lonely song of the dove and the fear and sadness our nation was feeling.

mourning dove outside my morning window,
why do you sing?

do you know there are tragedies to mourn,
worries to worry,
tears to cry?

why do you coo outside my rain-soaked window?
don't you know that sun-lovers pine today for sun?

you sing in the rain as the wind rustles the chilled, bare branches
you sing your songs as more thunder rumbles in the distance

why do you sing?

do you dance in the rain?
do you see beauty?
do you know your Creator has fed, watered and clothed you
like the lilies of the field?

mourning dove, your coo is soft and low
your morning song awakens me to beauty,
stirs me to ponder,
reminds me to joy.

mourning dove, keep singing your songs.
and I will keep singing mine.

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