Friday, February 28, 2014

not just first world problems

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Sometimes I admit, I get overwhelmed with choices.

Which movie should we watch tonight? You pick this time.

What should we have for dinner?

What should I wear with my favorite jeans today?

I admit, these are all first world problems, but sometimes I just want someone else to do the choosing for once.

I forget that the choosing is an incredible privilege and responsibility. It is a gift from above.

Does the sun get to choose to rise or set? 
Do the clouds get to choose to produce rain? 
Do the crops choose to grow? 

Or, are all these things created with an innate ability to do those things at the command of the Creator?

I am also in awe of the responsibility I have to choose well.

I chose well in a husband.
I am so glad I chose to have children! {and that God has allowed me this privilege}
I chose to invite God into my life at a young age.

These are all choices I’m proud of. Choices that have served me well. Choices that are huge blessings.

Many choices I don’t think about even as I’m doing them. 

What tea to drink today? 

Will I choose to go to the grocery store, or make do with what I have in the fridge?

How will I choose to speak to my husband if he happens to come home in a different frame of mind than I’m expecting?

How will I choose to react, respond and live today?

I’m thankful to God for this awesome privilege and responsibility to choose.

May I do it well today.


Thanks for stopping by today, friend!


  1. So blessed we are not puppets on strings! I pray I rightly guide my grandchildren as they travel this road called "growing up".

    1. I hear you! I need all the power and strength from God. Thanks for stopping by, Susan!


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