Friday, February 14, 2014

What goes into good soil

I'm linking up again today with the community of awesome writers at Lisa Jo Baker's blog for Five Minute Friday. Fridays are the day to write for five minutes straight and not back track. It's a day to just write for the fun of it and see what happens. Head on over to Lisa's blog to read some other great stories with the prompt "garden".


My husband and my oldest son both planted their first gardens last spring. They got together more than once to talk gardening, dirt, what seeds are the best 

the gardeners discussing gardening

and what’s better, containers, the ground or raised beds. 

I heard more talk about gardening last spring than I have in my entire life.

prepare the soil

My son even did some winter sowing. He collected empty strawberry containers and other plastic boxes and planted seeds in the spring before it was even warm. 

I even think it snowed a couple of times, but those boxes of seeds sat out on his back porch in the early spring sunshine, 

and they sprouted.

winter sowing

Then one day, my husband went over and helped him plant those seedlings in the best dirt. 

My son made sure it was organic and he’d also put mulch in there for good measure.


How like this I want to be. 

I want to plant good seeds into good soil in my life. 

I want the good dirt, the organic dirt, so the seeds of love, compassion, joy, peace and all other good things can get a good start and keep growing and growing into maturity.

My one word for this year is Cultivate and how fitting. 

The seeds that have been planted in my soul, the good seed, I need to cultivate. I need to work that ground through making good choices and living my life one experience at a time.

I’m already working on my garden. 

I’m already 
preparing my soil.

I can’t wait till this spring when my husband and son start planting again.


  1. I Love your blog.. thanks so much for taking the time to introduce yourself to me in your comment on garden...Your site is so soulful and full of grace!

    1. Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by to visit! Blessings!


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