Monday, February 10, 2014

When you need to enjoy the journey

Last week I awoke on Tuesday morning to one of the most beautiful snowfalls I've ever seen. It actually took my breath away, it was so beautiful and peaceful. 

Six different writings poured out of me that morning. Several of them inspired by the snowfall. I posted one of the snowfall poems last week. I'd like to share another one.


I wake slowly.
Snow falling slow motion outside my window.
Like God is taking fists-full of snowflakes and tossing them down to earth on pillows of air.

Normally, the snow might bother me.
I'm not a winter lover, not really.
I hate being cold.

But, today, with the huge snowflakes coming down on pillows of air,
I am tempted to go out in it.
Tempted to let a snowflake land on my face
Tasting one, just for the sheer fun of it.
Feeling it melt on my tongue.

It's making blankets of white.
Painting our yard with a cloud-like frosting
Hiding the brown, dormant earth underneath.
At least for today.

This snow is pure

A reminder that my life doesn't have to move at the speed of light.

It shouldn't.
Rather, I want it to move and be as the speed of this quiet snowfall.

Moving at a pace where I can notice more
Moving with grace and beauty

resting in order to breathe

to enjoy life
instead of moving as a speeding train.

Enjoying the journey,
and not just obsessing over the destination that isn't here fast enough.

Blessings, friend.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Dayle! I always need reminders. Blessings.


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