Wednesday, February 12, 2014

If your memory is one-sided

We all have memories that are sometimes stirred by an event, a scent or a conversation. 

Sometimes those memories are ones that we were trying hard to forget. 

Sometimes it takes some effort to remember the truth if it is a memory that causes pain.

Maybe you caused the pain.
Maybe not.

It’s in those times that we need to go back and remember the truth.

We’ve grown. 

We’ve come a long way. 

Most of all, we are forgiven. 

By God.

And, we must be willing to forgive ourselves, too.

God doesn’t remember the thing, the memory that I was trying to forget. If it was something I’m not proud of and have asked His forgiveness,

it’s done!

Hard to imagine that God forgets. But, thankfully He does! 

He says, "I will remember your sins no more!" {Isaiah 43:25}

God chooses to forget our sins, our mistakes. Why should we carry them around in our back pocket so that if our memory is triggered again, it is right there for the taking? 

Our mood gets low, maybe we even get depressed from this memory.

The enemy would love it if we would dwell on that memory that may cause guilt or sadness. But, the enemy has to flee when we know and believe and say the truth. 

That we are forgiven. 

Jesus already paid for the pain I caused either knowingly or unknowingly.

If He paid for my sin with His own life, I choose not to pay for it over and over again through guilt!
Believe me, there are many occasions in my past that if I let myself, I feel a great amount of guilt over. 

But, I know the truth.

And, the truth sets me free.

Actually, being reminded of that thing I am not proud of does trigger a low mood.

For a little while. 

But, then it drives me to gratitude. 

It drives me to remember Christ’s sacrifice for my sin.

It is good for me to remember that yes, He died for the wrong things I have done. 

He has forgiven My sin and taken away My shame. 

He is My Savior.

{Inspired by I John 1:9, John 8:32, John 3:16

I'm linking up today with Holley Gerth and other lovely writers at Coffee for Your Heart. Today's prompt is: "No matter what happens, you're going to be okay because..."

Also linking up Three Word Wednesday.


  1. We are neighbors today over at Holley's - both pouring a bit of coffee together! So glad I stopped by! So much beautiful Truth here!

    1. Thanks, Karrilee for your kind words and for stopping by! I'm off to read your post!

  2. Anne, we are kindred spirits. I so needed this today. I think forgiving oneself is truly the hardest of all. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Dayle. I actually wrote this for myself most of all. So need to remember to let myself off the hook! Thanks for your kind words.


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