Thursday, February 19, 2015

On a February morning

Last year's flower stems quiver in the cold.
The bird bath is frozen over.
The still six-inch deep snow in the yard is now marked by bunny and bird tracks from the past few weeks.

Even when the outside temperature hovers near zero degrees, the birds are chirping.

How can this be?

Did their Creator create them with an innate happiness and contentment no matter their circumstances?

I can learn this.

The giant evergreen outside my front window stands strong in the winter wind, home to Black-capped Chickadees and squirrels who dare to chance the weather to visit our bird feeder.

No matter what goes on in my world, this nature world keeps a live tempo.

The sun rises and sets. 
Snows come.
Snow melts.
Birds fly and nest.

Oh, I so want to write of it, and more!

I want to write of nature.
I want to write of me and my world.
I want to write beauty.
I want to write.

I want to notice in order to write.
So, in order to someday write, I write it down now.

Maybe in the writing of it now, it will prepare me for writing then.

And, then.

Blessings to you,



  1. Hi, Anne....I'm also an Ann (but without the "e").. I love how you want to take in all the sights and sounds of winter. This isn't always easy to do, as at first sight, one can only see gray skies and everything is coated in white. There truly is beauty in every season that God has created! I am stopping over from "Coffee for Your Heart" link-up. I've been checking out some of your posts. I especially love how you have shared some of your family history and photos. I especially love the story you wrote about your father's immigration to the U.S. I have written some posts about my own family background. I actually recently wrote a series called "The Love Chronicles" or TLC. If you go to my blog and click on the tab on the right column, you can find what I've written.
    Ann @ Christ in the Clouds(

  2. So lovely, Anne. It makes my heart sigh deep, because I know and share the desire to notice, and write, and pour my heart out on the page. We must write now, so we can write then. "And, then." Love this!

  3. This is beautiful, especially as I sit in my warm house thinking about how cold it is outside. We're on Snow Day #5 here, so nature has been a driving force in our week. So often God's creation and nature remind me that I'm not in control, which is something I need to continually learn! :) Thanks for linking up at my place.


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