Wednesday, November 7, 2012

another chance to choose joy

Another headache this morning. More pain. I don't tell you this to complain. I'm just telling you because of what is to follow in this post.

Another chiropractic appointment. More chances to practice choosing joy. I think I failed my choosing at 2:30am, and again at 6:30am. I'm pretty sure hormones are involved here. This time in life is a wild ride. I'm pretty sure some words escaped my mouth at 6:30am that I'm glad my husband didn't hear because he was already at work.

Between the chiropractor and Starbucks is just a few blocks. I ended up following a hearse most of the way there. The hearse held a casket with a floral spray. I think I saw daisies through the back window.  I am not sure, but I wonder if the hearse was traveling between the funeral home and the funeral? Someone's mother, father, son, or daughter was in there. Someone in my town is grieving right now. Many people are grieving losing someone they love. Maybe that happens to be you.

The day after the election many people I know are not too sure they like the outcome. Even I am not too sure about it. But, following that hearse put more than one thing into perspective for me.

I am alive.
I have access to a chiropractor a few blocks from my house.
I have a Starbucks a few blocks from my house. 
I can afford both a doctor and a chai latte.
I live in a free country where I am free to vote and make my voice count.
I own a van that I drove to both places. not crazy about the minivan either but it gets me safely from point A to point B. And, it is reliable.

Has anything happened to you lately to put things in perspective? I'd love to hear from you.

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