Monday, November 5, 2012

When it's hard to see God's face

I choose to believe.
to never give up hope.
God is good
He's in control.

These lyrics to Phillips, Craig and Dean's song resonate through me. They go on to say,

and even when His face is hard to see, 
I choose to believe.

There are definitely times in my life that God's face is hard to see. His voice is hard to hear. I know that doesn't mean He is not there and that He is not in control. But, this song moves me. It touches my heart and reminds me that God is always in control of my circumstances, no matter what it going on. It reminds me to never give up hope.

I do have to choose this however. It is my choice whether to trust that God is good. To trust that He is in control and to trust in Him enough to keep my hope. 

It is my choice. 

I had lunch with my college daughter today. I asked her a question that was posed in my Alpha group a few weeks ago. I asked,"How do you answer someone who asks the question 'what does your relationship with God look like'?"

She said that sometimes she has to choose to read her Bible, or choose to worship or choose to pray, even if her feelings don't match up to that. "Every good relationship has to have time put into it. I can't just meet with them once in awhile and expect that relationship to be a close one. The same is true in my relationship with God." Very wise words from a girl of nineteen.

God is indeed a good God. 


  1. Choosing to believe...this describes where I am right now perfectly. I struggled with believing for many years, and finally, this year, I just decided to choose. To choose faith over doubt. To choose Jesus over myself. Thanks for sharing this today.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Anna. I am glad this touched you. We are all on this journey called faith, aren't we? I appreciate your comment. Blessings!


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