Wednesday, October 31, 2012

eyes wide open: to a renewed spirit {day 31}

During the past 31 days, I've met some new bloggers. That has been really cool. Let me tell you, there are some great writers out there! 

This morning, I clicked into one link up at The Nester that I hadn't before. I have to say that God used Christina at The Frugal Homemaker to breathe new life into my motivation to clean, rearrange and decorate my home. At least for today! Thank you, Christina!

I used to be a person who loved to rearrange my furniture. Rearrange my accessories. I used to decorate my porch for each season. Sometime in the past few years, though, I think I lost some oomph to do many of those things. Oh, I've kept buying the Do It Yourself, Cottage Living and other decor magazines hoping to find that perfect idea that won't cost any money or energy, but will turn my house into Better Homes and Gardens perfect. But, I haven't had the mental or emotional energy to put any wind behind my sails. Too many other things in my life have been sapping that energy right out of me.

Today, after checking out The Frugal Homemaker, I got a little wind back in my decorating sails. She showed pics of how her kitchen looked after just weeding out all the stuff on her fridge and decluttering her counter tops! I said to myself, hey, I could do that. Then, I looked in my living room adjacent to the kitchen and it needed vacuuming. Being careful with my healing back, I thought, hey, I can just vaccuum. I put on Michael Buble station on Pandora and started to get to it. 

One thing led to another and I ended up moving a chair and side table to the opposite side of the room, putting the blue exercise ball in the basement where it belongs, throwing away several old Bible study folders, and making a new fangled arrangement for the side table. 

The only way to explain this burst of creative energy is that the Spirit of God blew some fresh wind in my sails. And, He used another blogger to do that. 

Now, because my room is clean and a bit rearranged, it's made me feel renewed and energized. I'm going to start tackling some of the other rooms this week. 

Thanks for keeping up with me this month! I'll keep posting, just probably at a bit slower pace. :)

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