Monday, October 5, 2015

{Day 5}: allowing your soul time to transition

We moved last December 2nd.

It's taken 9 months or longer for my soul to accept living in this new house.  (new to us, built in 1948) I've gone back and forth over these nine months, either chastising myself for not decorating the walls more quickly, or being kind to myself in the process of transitioning after fourteen years in our other home.

I've lived with bare walls lots longer than I intended. I also planned to use the decor here that I didn't give away before we moved. Now, not so much. What gives?

It was seven months before anything but a clock went up and eight months before I could even think about more. This move hasn't only meant downsizing many possessions, moving what was left, and moving our bodies to a different address. 

But, my soul also had to make this transition and I think my soul has needed to take it's sweet time. 

Turns out, my soul had to finish up some unfinished "moving" business and has only recently begun to indicate more settledness here. This has been confusing at best, because I love our little home and it's park-like yard, and I wanted to make this move to simplify as much as my husband did.

My soul has needed time to transition.  There's been resistance to work through. Emotions from the past triggered that I've been rather surprised by.

But, I've needed to listen to and pay attention to my soul's whispers and allow it space and time.

How about you? Have you ever had a time where you needed to be patient in transition? To let the movement of your soul catch up with the transition of your body? 

By this, I mean transition in things like moving houses or towns, changing jobs, or starting a family?

Let's allow our souls space and time to transition, even if we don't fully understand why.

And, I'd love to hear your story in the comments!

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Blessings to you today!


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  1. Anne, I can completely relate. Many moves in our life have left me with a soul lingering. You are so right. It does take time for your heart and soul to catch up and connect to the new. It takes a while to make a house a home. I encourage you to continue to be patient. It just takes time... and a good holiday celebration. That always seems to help. Sometimes it feels as though you've shed your skin, and yet the new one doesn't quite fit yet. But it will. I promise. It just takes time. Much love, my friend. Luana


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