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Dare to Be: Brave, plus a question {Day 12}

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We were born to be brave.
~Brene Brown

The two blondes in spandex are staring at my husband and me from behind the desk. No hi's or welcomes. Just blank stares.  I've squeezed into my yoga pants and an large ISU t-shirt, but I still feel out of place and that all eyes are on me.

My son and daughter in law have lovingly penciled out a workout for us. It's down on the paper he clutches in his hand as we enter the center. And, I've been saying that this is what I need for months now.

As usual, I feel like the opinions and judgements are flowing like ESPN between the two blondes. "What are they doing here? They look stupid!" (they, of course, may not be thinking either of these things, but these are my tapes playing.)

This isn't my first step into a fitness facility, but it's been about five years since I quit my last one. My six foot one son who's been at this fitness thing since college has finally gotten his parents to give this a shot, so he's standing between us at the counter.

"I'm here to sign these two up for a week trial." he says to the blondes.

The blondes blink back, mumble something between them. One of them finally reaches for the forms.This is so awkward. I'm ready to bolt back to my mini van and scratch the whole thing.

I was afraid this would happen because it's happened before. This is one of my things. One of the things I hate. Walking into unknown situations. Situations where I feel ill-equipped, or like a misfit. 

But, I say to myself I can do this.

Before us, the room is fairly empty (thank you, God) except for the tattooed body builder who looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger. After that I see a senior citizen gentleman doing crunches on the floor, and an overweight lady with a red t-shirt on the treadmill.

Thank you, God, again. Thank you for normal people like me.

You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort but you can't have both.
~Brene Brown

    It took being brave for me to step into this fitness center after being away for five years.

It took bravery for my husband to step into this having never done anything like this before in his entire life. 

According to Brene Brown, we dared greatly by signing up for a week trial at a fitness center.

Maybe daring greatly looks different for you. Maybe daring greatly is signing up for classes at a university. Maybe it is trying out a new recipe on your in laws. Maybe it is to climb Mount Everest.

The point is, you were made to be brave. And so was I. 

Today, I'm asking you if you'd like to share one thing you've done in the last week that you would consider being brave, or daring greatly.

Mine was stepping foot into an intimidating fitness center. Tell me yours in the comments. I'd love to hear how you are daring yourself to be brave!

*quotations are from the book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

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  1. Good for you!! Hi there, I'm visiting from Barbie's The Weekend Brew. :)

    I'm sure the blondes were not thinking bad thoughts and if they were then they are pretty weak inside. It takes great courage to go into a fitness center when you are not in shape but that is what they are there for. Bravo to you and your husband for taking this step and I encourage you to keep going, you will feel so good in a short while.

    I don't have anything recent that I can share about being brave so I will share something from the past. I am very shy and quiet and can be easily intimidated by people. A couple years ago God laid it on my heart to start a prayer blog and reach out to those who are in need of prayer. I didn't want to do this at all because one, I'm shy and two I am not a writer but out of obedience to Him I did and the blog has been going for two years plus. I now have a facebook page dedicated to prayer a twitter and tumbler account dedicated to spreading God's Word and I am running a house of prayer out of my church. It is amazing what God does with an obedient heart.


    1. Yay, for you daring greatly to start a prayer blog! That is so needed! It truly is amazing what God does with an obedient heart! I can't wait to visit your blog! (I was terrified of starting my blog, too....) Blessings to you!

  2. Hi, Anne,

    I loved this post, and the refreshing honesty here. Good for you and your hubby, girl. Go act like you own the place! As I've said before, how else will we discover how strong we really are, if we're never tested, if we never have to be brave? That doesn't make it easy, but one act of bravery leads to another. Such has been my experience.

    As for my acts of bravery, one that stands out (it wasn't in the last few weeks, however) was the day I went to play golf with The Man for the first time. Lawdy mercy, I was freaked out and so intimidated! But after the first few holes, I settled down and decided I was playing about as good as a few others out there. LOL! And The Man (my dear husband) was so supportive. That made it easier.

    I found you at The Weekend Brew and I'm signing up to be your latest follower. Come see me when you have time.

    1. Hi Dayle! Thanks for sharing! Way to go out on the golf course and give it a shot! I'm glad your husband was so supportive of you trying that new thing. I will definitely be visiting your blog. And thanks for following mine. I appreciate your kind words!

  3. Yay Anne. you are brave. I went to "Life Together" on Saturday by myself. It takes bravery for me to enter into a crowd of people. I look around to be sure I know someone. I put on a "brave" face. But sometimes I feel alone in a crowd.

  4. Hi, I'm visiting from Barbie's. You're so right, what takes bravery doesn't look the same for each of us. So glad I stopped by!


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