Friday, October 11, 2013

Dare to Be: happy in the ordinary {Day 11}

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"The best things in life usually happen when I'm making other plans."
~A Ready Listener

It’s the CWE’s (celebration worthy events) that I live for.

I can control everyone around me and then I will be happy.

Do you think these things? I would say on the surface that I don’t think or believe these things. That I believe it’s in the most ordinary moments of life that I can find the most satisfaction.

The most blessing.

 The most happiness.

 I haven’t always lived this way, and I have to admit that the times I have not lived this way might outnumber the times I have.

It’s when I put my trust in my Heavenly Father, I mean really place all the cares I have about situations and people into his capable hands that I find the most peace. 

And equally to that, He always comes through with something far better than I ever imagined. 

 He sweeps me off my feet!

It might be that email from someone who barely knows me and tells me five little words that change me profoundly.

It might be the way my son comes through the door and gives me a hug.

It might be that I’ve secretly prayed for something for my spouse or one of my kids, maybe even feeling very hopeless.

And, God comes through in the ordinary.

I'm daring myself to be happy in the ordinary moments and not just in the big events of life.

How about you? Are you content in the ordinary? Do you have stories of how God has blessed you in these ordinary moments? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. You are so right about ordinary days...we need the Lord every day.

    1. Thanks, Gloria! Did you try to link up today? Blessings!

  2. Love this! I, too, went that route, though you expressed it so much better. When God meets us in the ordinary, well, that's extraordinary! xo


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