Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dare to show self-compassion {Day 15}

This has been an EGR week for Anne. Extra grace required. 

I have definitely needed extra grace from my husband. Twice in the span of three days, he has had to leave work to rescue me.

I've also had to show myself some grace and to remember that I am not perfect. I make dumb mistakes (notice I didn't call myself dumb...). 

I never will be perfect.

Last Friday, by the time I got to my husband's work to pick him up for lunch, not only was I dizzy for some reason, but I was anxious about being dizzy, and not at all feeling like eating any lunch. 

Instead, I asked him if he would drive me somewhere to pick up some over the counter meds for the dizziness. 

I didn't think I should drive myself the 30 miles back home, but I didn't feel well. I didn't want my husband to miss work in the afternoon because of my needs. 

I was a mess. I was fighting self-condemnation.

He was sweet about it all. He gathered his laptop from work and drove me home. 

I needed his grace. I needed self-compassion from me, too.

Is it difficult for you to let go of being perfect and instead, to embrace self-compassion for your weaknesses?

*Come back tomorrow for Self-compassion Part 2.*

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  1. Yes, I have a harder time giving compassion to myself then to others. Bless Kevin for being there.

    1. We both have great and very helpful husbands, don't we? What a blessing.

  2. I'm convinced it's a female thing, wanting to always nurture and care for others, but I've learned, through lots of trial and error, that there are times when we can't do it all, times when we need the help and attention of another. Like you, I'm so blessed to have a husband who steps into that role so beautifully.

    I do hope you're feeling better by now.

    1. Thanks, Dayle! I am feeling better. I am also so thankful for my husband!


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