Monday, October 7, 2013

Dare to Be:: Embracing here and now {Day 7}

Have you ever felt like a misfit toy? Like you were supposed to be there, but you are still here

But, no matter what you do, things are just beyond your grasp of being able to make things happen?

I know what it's like. I'm there right now.

And, it's hard.

{Read my story here.}

I'm asking God a lot these days about why he still has me where I am. Feeling like I am not fulfilling my potential. Wondering what His purpose is for me now.

I feel like I'm harboring gifts he's put inside me like a diamond ring hidden under layers of cake. 

I had a real sleeping dream several months ago, that I was in this new place. There.

The place where my God sized dream is. 

It was so real. Down to the detail of the dated carpet in our new apartment. 

What did this mean? Had God just dropped that dream, that vision, into me?  To give me a glimpse of my dream fulfilled? 

I do not know.

It seems sometimes that my heart is already parking itself in this new place that in real life I am not close to being yet.

I'm still not there physically. I'm here

I wonder if God gets tired of me asking the same questions over and over.

Why am I still here and not there? What are you doing? What is my purpose?

Finally, as if on silent cat feet, God softly whispers.

I've given you work to do now. It's here.

It's now.

The now that is right now in front of your face is not wasted.

Now has purpose.

It might not look like what you wanted and envisioned it to look like, but I have you where you are at this appointed time by no accident.

Your being here has good reason.

Trust Me with your here and your there.

Trust me with now and trust me with later.

Okay, God, I think I get it. But, you might have to remind me tomorrow.

How about you? Do you have the challenge of embracing here and now, while you are waiting to be there? I'd love to hear your comments.

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