Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dare to Be: Vulnerable {Day 1}

At the end of the workshop today, she timidly spoke up. But, she only got about three words out before she had to stop and grab a tissue. She proceeded to say through tears,

 "I just want to say  that before today I had only told two people in my life about ____________ (her current struggle). But, today, I am finally realizing that shame has something to do with it. And, a couple of you spoke up and shared that you are struggling with the same thing, too. I've felt trapped for so long. And, it feels so good to know I'm not alone."

Not alone.

None of us want to feel alone, like we are the only person in the universe who has "this issue". We walk around thinking that we are the only one. That everyone else has it all together. That everyone else is perfect, with no struggles.

I'm finally realizing how much of a lie that is. And, how long I've believed it.

We are not alone. We all struggle with fears. They might look a little different for each of us, but we're really all the same. But, it's hard to be vulnerable about our own weaknesses.

Vulnerability can feel like you are ripping a stubborn band aid off of a fresh wound. And if it feels like you are entering the arena. You are. But, in the long run, the rewards far outweigh the risks.

We all have the inherent need for love and belonging.

Our vulnerability is beautiful to others. It always looks messy and out of control to us, but to others it is beautiful. To others, our vulnerability  brings a point of connection "oh, so you've been there, too!" 

And, that, my friends is beautiful.

When she spoke up at the end of the workshop and dared to be vulnerable, all the women in the class could relate. We all shared in the pain of her struggle, and also in her new found joy at discovering she is not alone. 

It was beautiful, indeed.

I'm learning to be more vulnerable. I'm daring to be vulnerable.

How about you? Do you find it hard to be vulnerable? What are your thoughts?

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