Monday, October 29, 2012

eyes wide open: baptism, Batman and Elvis {days 27-29}

I wrote on Facebook today, Help! I've lost my motivation and I can't get up!  I know you know what I mean. I sat in my chair most of the morning reading different blog posts on my phone and drinking cup after cup of hot tea. I wrote a little, read a little, cried a little, felt guilty for sitting there a little. And then I kept sitting there. Sometimes, I need days like this. Especially after a high intensity weekend.

But, the weekend was filled full of abundance. 

Awesome teaching at the Alpha Holy Spirit retreat. Being "baptized" with a super-soaker by the pastor. Being prayed for by three different gals whom I had just met. And, that is just scratching the surface. 

My nephew's wedding and wedding dance provided more than a little joy. There was The Cupid Shuffle complete with batman masks. Dancing with my son. A conversation with my other son about renewed vision for his future in Forestry. Conversations with family and friends over booming bass.

We were told that we had to make a pitstop at the photo booth before we left the reception. I'm thinking, photo booth? So we go there and there is a brown backdrop taped to the wall and a table filled with different goofy hats, glasses, and other props. I made my hubby put on Elvis shades and a goofy hat. Can't wait to see how that turned out.

In between all of these things was the prevalent feeling of joy. I know God was there. God With Us. I saw him working in relationships that used to be broken but are now mended. I saw Him speak to people about His love for them. I saw Him at work in those around me.

I might be tired today, but I am full, and my life is full.

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