Tuesday, October 23, 2012

eyes wide open: President Truman and me {day 23}

I have an addiction. The librarians probably roll their eyes. My husband and daughter think I've gone mad. My prescription eyeglasses keep needing improvement. 

I have an addiction to books. 

I confess that I have too many. That I check out too many at a time from the library. I don't mean I've gone over the library's limit for number of books. I mean I've gone over a reasonable limit. A number of books that I can actually finish reading before we take off on another library or Half Price Books jaunt. 

The ottoman in front of my reading chair is always full of books. Right now on my ottoman I have  notebooks with lined paper,
journals (one already full and my current one to write in),
two Bibles,
library books,
devotional books,
pens and highlighters,
a Pottery Barn ad booklet that I haven't looked at yet
and the church bulletin from two weeks ago.
I can't seem to help myself.

I've tried to clean off my ottoman. Hubby says, why don't you clear that off so you can put your feet up? I reason to myself that I should. So I do. I clean it off. I put the library books back in the basket intended for them, my Bibles and other books on the shelf. But, by the next day, I have books littering the ottoman again. 

I do somewhat beat myself up for this. I am not a neat freak, and I'm over that one. But, this one little spot (you would think) would be easy to keep clean. Nope.

I've been trying hard to figure out why I want all of my reading and writing materials within an easy arms reach of where I'm sitting. All the time. 

Last spring my husband and I visited the Truman Presidential Library in Liberty, MO. I was so encouraged to find out that President Truman was an avid reader like me. And, he also had to have all his books piled up around his reading chair. It's true. 

We toured the Truman Home and right there in the study was his chair they said. And, just like it was when he was sitting there for real the books were piled high. I cannot tell you how validating that information was. That the President of our United States of America had a reading addiction like me. 

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  1. You need your books piled up...you never know what you might need to reach for! Also, you can never have too many journals. I have journals all over, but I love each sand every one.

    1. Yes, Anna, so true. I never do know what I might want to read, so everything is there. Plus, they are like my friends. ;)


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