Thursday, October 25, 2012

eyes wide open: when a tree whispers {day 25}

When I was old enough I climbed in her branches. The sap from her bark would make my little hands sticky. That didn't matter. When I climbed up and up, but not up too far, I felt like I was on top of the world. 

Wind whispering in her enveloping branches, she held me. She held the birds, too. Looking back on it, she was really a God-sent friend to shelter me and give me hope and time to think and dream. 

Little me in front of the Cedar tree
She said I was safe. 
She said I was valuable. 
She said it was okay to be me.
She said it was okay to have fun. 
She said it was okay to enjoy being alone. 
She was enough.

With passing years, my delight in her branches would come to an end. I would miss her, and yet not be fully aware of what I was missing.

I thank God for my sheltering tree. God was there with the tree and me in those whispering branches. He breathed strength into my small self for all of the hard experiences I would have in the future. 

I look back and I see Him nodding His approving yes.

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