Friday, October 26, 2012

eyes wide open: nice cars and Jesus {day 26}

Aunt Esther (far right) and ladies out for a drive

More digging around in my closet and I run across these two treasures. I love these pictures because of the stories they tell. 

The tire cover in the top photo has the name Holdrege, Nebraska on it. This is the town that I grew up in. The license plate says 1934. This would have been fourteen years before my dad would come from Sweden to live with Uncle Carl and Aunt Esther. And twenty nine years before I entered the scene. 

Aunt Esther has her arm slung around her sister's shoulder in my post on {day 7}. This time, it looks like she's probably out on a Sunday afternoon drive with a couple of other ladies, maybe her sisters Anna and Louise. Pretty certain that Uncle Carl was their photographer and chauffeur. Aunt Esther never learned how to drive a car.

Uncle Carl and his car

I can't help but notice my Uncle Carl in this photo with (I'm pretty sure) the same car. I get a kick out of the way he is casually posing by it. No stuffed-shirt posing for this man! This pose says, Dig my new wheels?

Did you notice the "Jesus Saves" bumper sticker in the rear window? What a hoot. Bumper stickers in the 1930's? This tells me a couple things about my Great Aunt and Uncle.

1. They loved Jesus
2. They wanted to show Him off

I'm glad to know my Uncle Carl loved his car. I'm even more glad that he loved Jesus. 

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